Our Clients


At B. Taylor & Associates, we understand that hosting successful events are a core competency in the nonprofit culture to both effectively raise money and awareness. Our primary focus is to take care of your events so that you can focus on the multifaceted demands of your organization, donors and benefactors. In order to successfully accomplish those goals, we provide development and event planning for strategic nonprofit event planning and intuitive fundraising.

Development Plan

Trust in our professional, seasoned and savvy event planners who specialize in logistics and how to spend wisely within every budget.

Media Campaigns

We help you manage the best media list for your current goals. we know that managing media is a full time job. We made it ours so you wont have to.

Event Day Management

Nonprofit events are evolving by leaps and bounds. We recognize that every client has different needs. We are here to help you and your organization stand out.

Our specialized nonprofit event planners will ensure that your organization is able to effectively maximize its efforts while producing amazing events that linger in the minds of the attendees. Let B. Taylor & Associates strategize and manage the process, run the operations logistics and manage back of the house so that you can focus on representing your organization.